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Please find here the size guide that is used for all our t-shirts, sweaters and hoodies. You can measure your widest part from the shoulders down to your hips to find the measurements you need. Example: My widest part is 120 cm, in this case I can choose for a size L if i want a more fitted fit, for a baggy fit I can also choose XL or higher depending on your preference of it being oversized.
All our clothes are meant to have an oversized look to it, so if you feel more comfortable with fitted looks, please choose a size that is close to your measurements.

Size Guide:

XS: Length 67 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 100 cm.
S: Length 69 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 105 cm.
M: Length 71 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 115 cm.
L: Length 74 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 125 cm.
XL: Length 76 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 135 cm.
2XL: Length 79 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 142 cm.
3XL: Length 81 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 145 cm.
4XL: Length 83 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 148 cm.
5XL: Length 85 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 151 cm.
6XL: Length 86 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 153 cm.