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What once started as a dream and a hobby, is now a growing international brand and a key to connecting anime and gaming fans all over the world.

Bulbapixel is a story of the beginning of something big, but first, let's introduce the founder;
This will be a short intro because I don't want to bore anyone, but hi! My name is Jessica, a Dutch illustrator from Rotterdam in the Netherlands.

Let me tell you something about how I created the future coolest anime and gaming shop in Europe;

Gaming and anime have both been a big part of my life. They are "just stories" to most, but to me they include very deep life lessons and give me inspiration on how to be the best version of myself every day. Since anime and games are mostly popular in Asia, there's not too much to find on these topics in the west. Especially plus-size clothing! And I was disappointed on how I could never fit into the cute clothes I imported from the west, no matter how much weight I would lose to make it fit.
So, enough was enough. I decided to grab my Ipad, and started illustrating. This was back in 2020.

Right now, I own a fast growing anime and gaming merchandise shop that is putting smiles on people's faces all around the world!

I am excited for more growth to come in the future.

What are our plans for the future?

We have been posting lots of video's and engaging with other artists, anime and gaming fans online using apps like Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Next to that, we also started attending artist booths at anime and gaming conventions in the Netherlands. For the future we want to keep growing our inventory with super cool items that all anime and kawaii aesthetic fans will love. Follow us online to see our journey on growing our shop to self-employment and being able to run it full time!