IN STOCK | Sweater Da-da-da Khlee | Black | Unisex



Khlee is ready to help! Who doesn't love her cute and "firey" character?

NOTE: All prints are made of professional high quality vinyl material and can be washed up to 60 degrees celsius, care instructions will be sent to you by email after the order has been shipped out.


XS: Length 67 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 100 cm.
S: Length 69 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 105 cm.

M: Length 71 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 115 cm.
L: Length 74 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 125 cm.
XL: Length 76 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 135 cm.
2XL: Length 79 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 145 cm.
3XL: Length 81 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 155 cm.
4XL: Length 84 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 165 cm.
5XL: Length 87 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 175 cm.

* Please know that the prices for sizes of 4XL-5XL are higher because of higher production costs, we will try to keep our prices as affordable as possible at all moments.