Bulba-ween Totebag | Black | [LIMITED EDTION]


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Once upon a time, in a small town called Bulbatown, Halloween was just around the corner. The townspeople were buzzing with excitement as they prepared for the annual Halloween festival. Among the many preparations, one thing that caught everyone's attention was the trend of Halloween tote bags.

Halloween tote bags were all the rage that year. These bags were not your ordinary bags; they were specially designed with spooky and festive Halloween-themed prints. The townspeople were thrilled to have a unique and stylish accessory to carry around during the festival.

The local artisans and crafters in Spooksville were the creative geniuses behind these fabulous tote bags. They poured their hearts and souls into designing each bag, ensuring that they captured the true essence of Halloween. From pumpkins and witches to ghosts and bats, every bag was a work of art.


- 100% Cotton.
- XL Bag, can be placed flat on the ground
- Very sturdy material
- Can fit laptops, tablets and Nintendo switch sized items