IN STOCK | T-shirt Bulbabunnies Trick or Treat! | Black | Unisex [LIMITED EDITION]



All items are hand made per order, so please make sure to carefully measure your measurements before purchasing this item, since I will not be able to take returns when the product has been unpacked.



Cinnabun has a scared look on his face... Blossom and Cinnabun went out for Trick and Treat, but they made one mistake. 
Blossom hadn't eaten before they left! And now, Blossom is hangry and out for food-revenge! While scavaging the neighboorhoud foor sweets and comfort food, she scares every neighboor with her bitter-sweet mood. Cinnabun might be a little afraid of Blossom too, but he doesn't mind about the big candy loot they managed to get this everning.

End good, all good (except for the neighbours, who have no candy left).

PRODUCT QUALITY: All prints are made of professional high quality vinyl material and can be washed up to 60 degrees celsius, care instructions will be sent to you by email after the order has been shipped out.


Size Guide:

S: Length 69 cm / Stomach (widest part) max 105 cm.
M: Length 71 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 115 cm.
L: Length 74 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 125 cm.
XL: Length 76 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 135 cm.
2XL: Length 79 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 142 cm.
3XL: Length 80 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 145 cm.
4XL: Length 82 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 155 cm.
5XL: Length 84 cm / Stomach (widest part)  max 165 cm.


* Please know that the prices for sizes of 4XL-5XL are higher because of higher production costs, we will try to keep our prices as affordable as possible at all moments. 


*What does on demand mean?
Hey there! Sometimes we don't have active stock for some pieces, or maybe not in the size you need/want. To make sure that you still can get the piece you love, you can order them on demand. This means that when we get your order in, we will then go ahead and order all the materials needed at our suppliers to handmake your sweater or t-shirt. This means that it will take a couple weeks to send your order out.