Kawaii Bulbalutions | Stickerpack

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Rainbow road, rainbow puking Bulbamon's and cuties cosplaying... as as a sticker pack?!

We love super kawaii and vibrant colored stickers. They are just so cute to stick on anything.
Stick it on a book? BAM! Kawaii-fied... 
Stick it on your sibling's face? BAM! Kawaii-fied... ha!

These stickers are coated with a buttery-soft lamination foil, making them scratch and waterproof but also SUPER SOFT!
I promise you'll love these if you're sensory sensitive. 



- +/- 7 cm big
- Coated with a matte lamination foil
- Super vibrant colors
- Easy to re-stick without leaving residue
- WARNING! Will give you spikes of dopamine and a happy feeling