Phonegrip | De-mon Ne-zu-ko


Don't be fooled, this cute looking girl is stronger than you'd think!
If you've seen the series, then I'm sure you know who I'm talking about. The most popular girl in the whole series is now available as a very useful phonegrip!


All Bulbapixel phonegrips are swappable, meaning that you can squeeze the bulky back of the phonegrip and remove the design on the front to replace it with another phonegrip design. This way you don't have to swap phone cases to be able to choose for a new design, you can just easily swap them!

These grips can also be placed on other flat surfaces, like the side of a computer to be used as a headset holder! 

A very cute and versatile product to use if you're a true anime fan!

The glue on the back is very strong, which means you can only stick it to a surface once. When removing, use a liquid glue remover that works with the surface underneath.