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APRIL 2023

Welcome back/おかえり! 
This month was BUSY! We reached an insane amount of orders, and I'm planning to start a series on my social media channels where I will track my daily orders until I can eventually start taking my shop to a fulltime thing! I am super excited ^^
I have not been able to write a lot of things for March 2023, because it was mostly routine and I felt like maybe it wasn't worth much to write about, haha (シ_ _)シ...

This month I finally added lot's of cool things to the shop, including HOODIES! They came out so COOL! And I'm super grateful for all the love I've received over these. I haven't had that many orders for the new Kawaii Videogames hoodie yet, but I know I also have to make sure to market them more on my socials, I'm not always good at keeping track of that (ノ*°▽°*).



To get back on the "goind fulltime, being self employed" story, I feel like I'm currently in a transition period where I am getting more orders rather fast. This must be because I've learned what people like to see in my videos on TikTok and other platforms. I've calculated what the monthly revenue should be to reach this goal, and suprisingly... we reached 2/3 of this, this month ヽ(>∀<☆)ノ!

I know not every month is the same, and the next might be lower... but I know that we're on the right track!


Stay happy and I'll see you next month!



Welcome back/おかえり! 
On this page we keep record of all our progress in our journey towards growing our kawaii webshop. You can read about things that happened and achievements we managed to make during this month, enjoy!

This month we finally sat down to check in for our conventions for 2023. We admitted our shop to Abunai and Fantasy fest, since the other conventions we plan on visiting are easily accessible by purchasing artist tickets. We are pretty sure that Fantasy fest will be possible since we have been accepted multiple times before, but Abunai is a first stop for us so we really hope to get accepted there!


Exciting new things!

Half-way February we finally were finished making the newest designs for our Kawaii Elf collection, and so far we think that this has been our biggest project yet!
The designs itself took days to finish, render and try-out on our friendly mock-up friend "Mocky". But this will be our first design that will have four placements, the front, back and each arm! 
We can not wait to drop these!

Did we reach... over 10K?!

Then something happened we could not believe at first sight, 10.000+ TikTok friends! Of course this is a major achievement for our shop and brand, so we are super happy to see that so many love our items and designs!

Have you seen the change in our stock photos yet?

Since we haven't started selling our clothes that long ago, we hadn't figured out how to make nice stock photos yet. So we ordered a white backdrop and added it to one of the walls (right next to our kitchen, haha... ). I think the photo's look way more professional now!